Break the Washing Machine Vs. Break the Dawn

Our washing machine just broke, flooding the kitchen and causing all round hydrological drama. The plumber gave important instructions to my housemate Ben while I raced around trying to get a good photo for the blog. However, in the end the whole saga was upstaged by some unavoidable and massive news….

Michelle Williams’ new album is out!

Miracles really can happen. The member of Destiny’s Child that nobody cared about has hit us all with some brand new material, and lead single ‘We Break The Dawn’ seems set to be a big hit. I wonder if Michelle deliberately decided to sneak her album out on the sly during the quiet before the storm (A.K.A. a couple of months before round three of Beyonce’s indestructible solo career), or perhaps Beyonce rang Michelle up from her breakfast bar one morning like “listen up bitch, you better spew out your pathetic attempt-to-be-me THIS month or I really WILL give you something to warble about”

Michelle has already enjoyed success though, selling more than 500,000 copies of her gospel albums (The equivalent of Beyonce's record sales in the Shetlands). Michelle was the first member of DC to go solo too, recording her own stuff while the girls were still together, probably because they always let her go home early from the video shoots. I’ve done some research and she appears on her own for about 14 seconds in most DC song videos, which is seemingly about 3% of the camera attention that Beyonce’s breasts receive.
The new album Unexpected sounds good though, the beats are very now, it's chart friendly, sexy and relatively harmless. The overall sound is very much like a Jamelia album with slightly more gremlin-esque vocals and a distinctly US urban production sound. Hopefully the album will remind people who Michelle is, what with Heath Ledger's death and this year's Oscars - the white Michelle Williams has raced ahead in the google-image-search league tables.
I was going to attach the video to her new song, but nothing beats this classic clip:
She's so vexed. If it wasn't for Beyonce she'd still be working at BT Cellnet innit.
Words: Jack Cullen

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