The Halloween Charts

Happy Halloween! I’m going to a series of house parties tonight and then a club in town, I won’t reveal which one, after all I have so many avid fans. My costume? A viscerate transvestite prostitute, risen from the dead of course. As a treat for you, here are my Top 7 Halloween Inspirations:

1.Marilyn Manson – everyday is Halloween for this mock-shock-frock-rock star. How does he get his white foundation so good? I suppose he has an entourage. The queen of disposable teens comes in at number one. Well done Marilyn.

2.Christopher Lee – whether he is Dracula, Saruman, a James Bond villain or Lord Summerisle from the Wicker Man: Mr. Lee never fails to terrify. 86 and still going strong, a living silver screen legend.

3.Grace Jones – Pull up to the bumper in your long black limousine. She's sitting in a car outside your house right now.

4.Donnie Darko – the house party outfit that inspired a generation. No one can beat the way Jake pulls off the skeleton top and grey hoodie though. And Frank has to be the coolest accesory for the mentally infirm.

5.Alice Glass – the lead singer of Crystal Castles, she only shops twice a year from Salvation Army and so inevitably looks the part for Halloween in her ripped red tights and faded black Ts. Sex symbol, indefinitely, just Tell me what to swallow.

6.Jade Goody – Is there anything more disgusting? Possibly what is more disgusting is when TV shows us the orifices of drunk, over-weight, argumentative, illiterate girls...oh no wait...

7.Greggs – admit it people, Greggs is very scary. Apparently the third most common nightmare after falling and being chased is going into a town where Greggs is the only eating option. The beef and onion pies are COMING TO GET YOU!

Check out this Halloween Bearbrick below. So cute.

Words: Jack Cullen

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  1. You might be interested to know that Alice Glass has just been named by the NME as number one on their annual cool list. Make of that what you will!