Revolutionary Road, Traditional Cast

Richard Yates’ novel Revolutionary Road which won the National Book Award in 1962 is coming to our cinemas in January, starring (and reuniting) Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Director Sam Mendes has already swooped Oscars for American Beauty. He’s also married to Kate Winslet, which probably came in handy for Kate when she auditioned. I wonder how Mendes feels about Leo sleeping with Kate all those years ago though, when she was more beautiful, not to mention the intense sex in the back of a stored car onboard the Titanic.
Leo famously sleeps with all his female co-stars. He threatened to pull out from the film adaptation of Alex Garland’s The Beach unless the screenplay permitted sex scenes with Tilda Swinton’s character Sel as well as the hot French girl.

Still, director Sam Mendes is probably cool in the knowledge that Leo got to Kate first. Mendes has enjoyed his fair share of celebrity flings, including Cameron Diaz and Jane Horrocks. Unlike most Hollywood sugar-daddies, I like Mendes, he’s only 44 and is a brilliant director, American Beauty and Jarhead are great films, not to mention his stage directing – like 1998’s production of David Hare’s The Blue Room with Nicole Kidman.
Revolutionary Road is a 1950s drama set in suburban Connecticut about a struggling couple, Frank and April, who feel they have more to offer the world than the others in their depressing neighbourhood. April has fantasies of moving to Paris that are never quite materialised. It’s a fantastic novel. Fingers crossed for the film, but you can bet it’ll be fantastic too. Mendes is great, Leo has become a strong actor now who can really tackle mature role, Winslet has always been fine, at least on the screen.
Coincidentally my housemate Leo's girlfriend is called Kate (pictured below). They're a much better looking Leo & Kate than DiCaprio and Winslet don't you think? Also, my Leo can fly planes and my Kate has a scar from a horse that chomped her, beat that Hollywood.

Words: Jack Cullen

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