Without a Woman on a Bed

It seems Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana are back together again, having ended their romantic relationship three years ago, and I’m pleased for them.
2005 was a phenomenal year for the fashion duo, with D&G turning over £597 million. Mere mortals like ourselves cannot even begin to imagine the levels of intensity and pressure that must come with being at the top of such an omnipotent and globe-conquering institution. I can, however, understand how a serious relationship crisis can emerge when one is busy steering the fashion world forwards and at the same time supplying the rest of the world with their underwear, plus the added responsibility of designing Italy’s official football kits, not to mention the fickle strains of fidelity that arise when you spend your days co-existing in illustrious sunny splendour amongst the world’s most sexually alluring supermodels.
Pioneering fashion can lead into dangerous waters too. In 2007 the D&G house were attacked by governments for an advertising campaign in which the models brandished knives. Although most media figures worth paying attention to had the common sense to see that the case was quite ridiculous. Computer games that promote killing? Yes. Military adverts that promote killing? Possibly. 17 year-old waxed models holding knives in silver jumpsuits and purple Y-fronts that promote killing? Somehow I don’t think so, unless you mean killing calories through adoration-driven envy. The models probably had knives in order to cut the promo tags off their photo shoot freebies.
Of course the main reason why it pleases us to see Domenico and Stefano back together is because it further consolidates the powerful symbol that they represent. Critics will always moan about the price of high fashion, and let’s be honest, not many of us can afford it. But you don’t need to own D&G to understand the underlying message of their vision.
Through advertising, commerce, culture, sport, politics and sex – Dolce & Gabbana represent and strengthen an artistic and breath-taking perception of gender equality, sexual liberation and the changing face of masculinity.
You might catch the adolescent models with their pants down but the only force capable of de-bagging D&G themselves is the success-induced weight of their pockets.
Words: Jack Cullen

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