Du Are You?

I want to know more about Du Juan, the Chinese fashion model, soon to be supermodel. She’s currently the face of Giorgio Armani, and is all over H&M with Daria. She was the cover girl for the first issue of Vogue China. Her name sounds like Byron’s timeless epic poem Don Juan too, based on the famous historical libertine, which is cool. Du is 180cm, which is good going for a Chinese girl.

It seems Du doesn’t hang out much with western supermodels though. Does she speak English? We always hear about Gemma, Daria, Lily 1 and Lily 2 hanging out. I have a constant mental image of them all sitting around in Moschino LOGO trackies with hot chocolates discussing which photographers get on their nerves, and how it’s such a waste that all those D&G boys are so good looking. But little Du? No. There’s very little about her on the internet considering the massive labels she’s fronted like Roberto Cavalli, Luella, Dries Van Noten and Chanel.

According to nymag.com Du Juan is a keen chess player. That’s such a Chinese supermodel stereotype, like Lucy Lui’s character Alex in Charlie’s Angels. Lily Cole is really smart too. That’s why models are so much hotter than the girls in lad mags, and paid in millions as opposed to FHM girls who are paid in ‘here’s a bag of chips Keeley now fuck off’.

So, Du Juan, the first Asian model to crack the western market, filling in the void that Devon Aoki left, and expanding it. Congrats Du.
Words: Jack Cullen

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