The Name's Bond... Bond No.9

Last night I attended the late night shopping media party at Harvey Nichols in Leeds, and purchased my first ever bottle of Bond No.9 aftershave.
Bond No.9 is an American fragrance company best known for its collection that pays homage to areas of New York, for example Wall Street or Riverside Drive. I spent the best part of an hour smelling samples from the 30 Bond No.9 fragrances available in their store, until settling for Hamptons. It's royal blue, smells very bright and masculine, but in a sweet swimming pool sort of way.
The Bond No.9 bottles are all very impressive. Their shape is starfish-like with accentuated corners that connote the looming New York skyscrapers. The packaging is plush too, with colour-coordinated velvet-esque sponge and a tight fitting fortified white box. Everyone knows that fragrance shopping is all about packaging.

I loved the bottle for the Andy Warhol fragrance, but unfortunately I wasn’t taken by the smell, after all he has been buried a good twenty-five years now.

The lady in Harvey Nichols was hilarious as she explained in a thick Yorkshire accent the various assets of the Bond No.9 range, a verbal amalgamation of what she could remember from the press release folder and some of her own poetic innovations like “this one’s unisex, but it’s very financial and smells of wealth” … thanks love.
Hamptons is a superb scent though, understatedly powerful, icily confident and like all Bond No.9 scents – kind of humorous.
Words: Jack Cullen

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