Stella Tennant Drowned At Sea?

Daria Werbowy (pictured above with untitled man) is apparently the 9th highest paid supermodel now, earning 3.5 million last year, not bad for 23. I quite like seeing her face in seemingly every other campaign. She's currently staring out at us from House of Fraser across the Briggate, watching fat ladies stuffing their faces with Greggs.

I find Kate Moss is a bit too famous to feel any connection with, and Gemma Ward – although one of the most beautiful supermodels – isn’t quite as visible these days either. As for Lily, she’s studying, although I'm sure she'll be back. So Daria is a welcome billboard hugger for now, a friend almost.

However, one model of recent times who has practically vanished is Stella Tennant (pictured below). I know she’s a mother, a good decade older than Daria’s lot and consequently has a more severe image, but I just want to know what she’s up to these days… I'm worried.. what if she went to some outlandish coastal stretch of Scotland in seek of some catwalk inspiration and was dragged off by a fashion-mad giant squid? Or what if one of her Oscar de la Renta dresses got trapped in the closing gates of the Shetlands ferry, throwing her into the fathomable sequined frenzy of a violent nautical death? The possibilities are endless.
The woman who was once celebrated for her “aquiline and aristocratic” features, what has happened to our favourite Scottish supermodel Stella Tennant? The granddaughter of The Duchess of Devonshire, five years ago there seemed to be no stopping Stella – the face of Burberry and Calvin Klein, striding the runway for Chanel, she was starting to threaten Kate’s long reign on the front of Vogue, she even had public opinions on eating disorders.
One guess is that Agyness Deyn offers the fashion world a younger and sharper version of Miss Tennant, forcing Stella to withdraw from the spotlight. Another theory is that she is currently focusing on being a mother. A third theory is that Stella is focusing on the development of her own range of jigsaw puzzles. My suspicion though is that her french photographer husband David Lasnet is keeping her chained up in a basement. What do you reckon?
The Jack of Hearts
Words: Jack Cullen


  1. She (Tennant) is probably hiding after looking in a mirror, she is fairly rough on the eyes.

    The one, upon whom this post focuses - Daria (?), is far more beautiful. If only because she looks like a woman rather than a 14 year old school boy wearing a dress!

    I think she may even top Ward, and certainly eclipses the likes of Cole and Moss, however famous they may be.

  2. Really do not rate Daria. Really not that attractive in the H&M campaign. As far as current models go, I love Irina Lazareanu, Lara Stone and Catherine McNeil. So sooo beautiful.

    As for Stella, she was actually in Oct's Harper's Bazaar, which I bought for the first time a short while ago. It was a pretty big photo shoot with Karl Lagerfeld.

  3. Also, Daria's boob looks strangely misshapen in that photo.