Watch Out Art World: It's Mad Max!

He goes by the name of Maxdaman and he’s about to take the online art world by storm. What first attracts you to his work, which mostly consists of large-scale abstract painting, is the colossal quantity of colour. Then the political punch comes, chiefly his re-incarnation of the Coca-Cola logo in the form of Che Guevara.

In some of Maxdaman’s pieces we see powerful interrelating zig zags in big blocks of bright colours move across various walls, yet there is an intricacy to much of Maxdaman’s work too: the hours of craftsmanship is all too visible in some works, like the large labyrinthine mesh of multi-coloured ellipses (pictured above). His own body itself is heavily tattooed, clearly a believer in the Grace Jones-esque be a living work of art philosophy.
I managed to contact the Italian adult terrible briefly this evening. When asked what his work is about he told me: “The human face that you can see in the Coca-Cola logo is my main interest and focus. I claim to be the first artist getting TO that FACE, I have placed the copyright of it with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage”.

Sure enough, he has copyrighted his own version of Coca-Cola’s logo, simply as “DA FACE”. If only Andy Warhol was alive to see a seemingly always half-naked artist make a claim so emblematic of his own Pop Art agenda, a lifetime dedication that he gave birth to in the 1960s. DA FACE certainly has media interest potential. I asked him who is inspirations were by Maxdaman simply said “I am inspired by all artists. His work certainly hints at the obsessive detail of Keith Tyson’s paintings (Turner Prize Winner 2002), as well as building upon Bridget Riley’s colour pieces such as 'High Sky 2' (1992).
I enquired as to whether we can expect an exhibition in the UK…

“I don’t really plan to exhibit at all other than the web. Thank you very much, bless you.”

Whether you think he’s a creative genius or a mad axe man, why not look at three albums of his work, see the finished Che Guevara likeness, and maybe even become a fan of Maxdaman – follow the link below:

Words: Jack Cullen

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