Recession? You mean Retail Recess

Credit what? The fourth day of 2009 has arrived and the sales are still going strong up here in Leeds. Okay admittedly the queue outside Greggs is unusually large, and Starbucks is lacking its quintessential scarf of a queue, wrapped around the Headrow, so perhaps eating habits are becoming increasingly modest and chicken dinosaur shapes will rule the earth once more. Still, the tills were ringing so busily it sounded like the Icelandic Bell Choir in Harvey Nics, if it wasn’t for the harsh grating voices of the perfume assistants, bless them, it's all part of the Northern shopping experience.

I bought myself a Duchamp tie (pictured above). A bit of a mad purchase, and it wasn’t even on sale as it's brand new stock. I was mystically drawn to the raw technological silver shade, embossed with entwining pink roses, it’s like a cross between Star Trek and Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. I did a quick price check at the Duchamp store, but they’re not even selling their summer collection yet, go Harvey Nics!

A retro Chinese flag Be@rbrick was my second favourite purchase of the day (pictured below). I know Mr. Mao has an estimated democide count of 73,000,000 according to the political scientist R. J. Rummel, but one cannot let that detract from the cuteness of this Be@rbrick, besides they’re actually Japanese. Anyway enough from me, it’s 5am.

Words: Jack Cullen

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