Never Let Me Go - Movie! Starring Keira Knightley

My dissertation has been put on momentary standstill this morning as I discovered that one of my favourite novels, Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, is coming to the big screen, and with a very impressive cast.

Keira Knightley
Andrew Garfield
Carey Mulligan

Screenplay adaptation by Alex Garland
Directed by
Mark Romanek

I understand that many are annoyed by Keira Knightley. Still, if we look at her two best film roles in The Hole and The Duchess, we realise that the part of Ruth in Never Let Me Go is a neat amalgam of both. Ruth’s character has all the adolescent hurt and terror of Frankie in The Hole, yet all the English-summer apple-blossom rosiness of Georgaina in The Duchess. I still have faith in Knightley and generally consider her to be trumping herself in each role now.

Mark Romanek is a strong director, just judge him by his two major career feats – One Hour Photo and Scream. In One Hour Photo, Romanek destroyed Robin Williams’ typecast and created a fascinating and terrifying thriller about voyeurism, perverted obsession and weirdly enough morality and benevolence. While Scream remains to be one of the most estranged and powerful music videos considering its minimalism, and to date is still the most expensive music video ever made ($7 million - almost topped by Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker).

Andrew Garfield (pictured below) will be brilliant playing Never Let Me Go’s lead male Tommy. The boy-crush that both Kathy and Ruth fall in love with, he is a fruitful and beautiful young man who suffers temper fits and inner-turmoil. Garfield will be perfect for the theatrical demands of this part which blend romantic lead with acrid trauma. In my view Garfield, who won a BAFTA in 2008 for Boy A (despite being a Californian), is a cross-between David Tennant and Tobey Maguire, but only younger and much thinner. Never Let Me Go is bound to establish Andrew Garfield as a UK hearthrob, Heat's torso of the week - watch out!

As for Carey Mulligan (also pictured below), her face is just incredible and she always manages to make her parts intense and interesting. She's truly set for the role in this movie, I bet she's a fan of Ishiguro's novels too.

Finally, do we need to discuss Alex Garland? Regardless of what you pessimists think, I continue to support my view that both The Beach and 28 Days Later are brilliant films.
Ishiguro is one of Britain’s best novelists and hopefully this movie adaptation will bring him the glorious mainstream recognition that other adaptation favourites like Ian McEwen and Joanne Harris have previously enjoyed.

I’m really excited to see Never Let Me Go, it will be an incredibly challenging film to make considering the novel’s suspense, slowly released twists and of course Ishiguro’s famously unreliable narrator. I just hope Romanek can sustain the novel’s power, lust, masochism and sensation. Ishiguro’s subtle command in writing over sexuality, memory, friendship and loss is simply phenomenal. I’m just anxious the film might not live up to his untouchable literary worth.
Right, back to my dissertation!

Stars of tomorrow: Alex Garfield and Carey Mulligan
Below: Behind the scenes shot of the star trio, courtesy of


  1. Keira is playing Ruth in this one, actually.

  2. Yes, Carey has taken the lead role of Kathy - not Keira :)

  3. I think Ruth and Kathy are quite interchangeable roles aren't they. Although Ruth is annoying in that she keeps Kathy and Tommy apart at the Cottages.

  4. All the same, thanks guys! My little Hollywood spies, haha. I've made amendments.

    JC xx