Be@rbricks: Series 18 Revealed!

Internet leaks have revealed that amongst the Series 18 bears will be a Nintendo Tetris style bear, a Nickelodean sponsored bear and Termintor Salvation will feature as the horror-theme bear.
I've collected Be@bricks for two years now, the Japanese vinyl toy produced by major adult toy manufacturer MediCom. I know collecting plastic bears seems a bit childish and geeky to most people... but believe me... considering the superficiality and sheer consumerism that lies at the heart of collecting expensive pieces of plastic.... it's remarkably fulfilling!

My interest was initially sparked by the Karl Lagerfeld Be@rbricks... which are near impossible to come across since he only distributed the limited run amongst his closest friends, which sadly doesn't include Jack Cullen, yet. Vivienne Westwood, Fendi and Commes Des Garcons are amongst several major fashion designers to have created their own bears.

My collection is currently at 36 bears, below is a photo of my Top 20 in their own display case (Muji sell some cool little plastic display cases for about £10). Amongst my most prizes bears are the Detroit Metal City limited editions (top left) and Elvis (approx centre).
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Relocated Blog Post re: Bearbricks Series 20!! :

It only seems like yesterday that series 11 was hot out on the shelves but here we are, June 2010, and Series 20 is out! My Bearbricks collection froze in December 2009, the last addition to my collection being a cool felt-covered bear, a gift from Hans @COMMEdesGARCONS, but this new series is so cool I think I'll bring my collection out from semi-retirement.

The 20th series includes a Bearbrick with “articulated feat” (a nod towards the first ever 2001 basics) plus designs from Krooked and SSUR (pictured above, far right). The flag this time is fittingly South Africa as a nod towards the World Cup. There’s a Lots-O-Huggin Bearbrick from Toy Story 3 (far left, above), a Gremlins character Mogwai for horror (next along), Iron Man and Captain Action. The jelly Bearbrick is a rainbow bear for Series 20, possibly the first official gay Bearbrick? The first hidden Bearbrick from Series 20 that I’ve seen so far is a variation on Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragmented bear, a cool pink and yellow lightning version, very Sex Pistols.

Browse Series 20 on the website High Snobiety.

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