Mashepest: Not Just A Pretty Hairstyle

New name to look out for – Mashepest (pictured above and below). His electro synth-heavy “psych-disco freak out” is so interesting and listenable it should have come out of France not the UK. Apparently the kid was classically trained.

Like me, are you in need of some fresh electronica? Are you tired ofgoing to parties and watching people become ecstatic over Justice’s hits from 2005?

The answer is in blogs. The problem with the mainstream music industry is that there’s too much politics and maths involved. Sure, incredible electro artists are certainly well promoted, eventually, like Crystal Castles, Friendly Fires, Passion Pit and Laidback Luke (to pick an alliterative quadro of acts). All strong acts will claim their moment in the spotlight, but it''s more fun to cut the crap and just jump the gun.

It will take a long time before Valerie Records (acts include College and Anoraak) receive the publicity Ed Banger Records (acts include Uffie, Mr Oizo, Justice and So Me) received, we’re talking two years, if you’re hanging onto printed media to inform you.
Magazines are brilliant for interviews, discussions, editorial shoots, reviews and opinion pieces… they have the financial weight to pull big names and intelligent writers.

However, if you’re looking for a bright and zany new track to step out of the shower to.. you need to rely on teenagers’ blogs, like DiscoHands, PalmOutSounds, DISCODUST and Fluo Kids.
This guy featured on my blog today is called Mashepest, and I found him on DiscoHands. He’s an up and coming producer from the UK, and several of the tracks from his first record are available free on DiscoHands, including ‘So Young’, ‘Million’ and his remix of Lemonade’s ‘Slime’.

My favourite track from the all new Mashepest has to be ‘Mineral’ though. For me ‘Mineral’ evokes a lazy early 90s Sunday morning, watching the title page of Sonic upload, slurping the lemon-tinted milk at the bottom of your cereal, and then that powerful second, just as you’re watching the distant traffic outside pushing up a rain-stricken hill, that awe-inspiring wave – and you realise that you’re going to upturn all of this suburban crap and really make something of your life.

Pay a visit to now, and claim your free Mashepest digital heirlooms!

Words, Jack Cullen

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