Vivienne Westwood: Latitude Festival Appearance

Vivienne Westwood will be appearing at Latitude festival in Suffolk this July. The venerable lady will read from her socio-political manifesto Active Resistance to Propaganda, known as AR (not to be confused with Art Review). Adding to the timeless discussion that has been pursued by Plato, Shelley and Warhol before her… VW’s manifesto explores notions that art is an antidote to the world’s problems. The reading will be followed by a Q&A session.

Vivienne Westwood interests me. The Miss Haversham of fashion, we all love her eccentricity and powerful collections, not to mention her 1980s legacy in punk attire… but safety-clips aside… has she not become a capitalist super-brand herself? If you walk into the Vivienne Westwood store in Leeds you will find a tiny boutique that sells little regal-themed pin-brooches for £200, while about nine members of staff with vacuum-packed testicles slowly close in around you like a sequin-clad SS squad. Her creative genius has always been apparent, but I feel perhaps the intelligence of her brand is under threat. The children who work in her stores certainly don’t understand her concepts, that’s for sure.

Still, I’m excited to see her in July! The exhibition of her work in Sheffield last year was just great. She will be in the literary arena where other notable writers this year include Brian Patten, Simon Armitage and Jackie Kay.

Below is a montage image of my Top 6 acts appearing at Latitude festival this year:
1) Grace Jones 2) Pet Shop Boys 3) Patrick Wolf 4) Little Boots 5) Passion Pit 6) Bat For Lashes

The Jack of Hearts is written by Jack Cullen
For Vivienne Westwood's manifesto visit

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