Paul Foot Interview

Recently I interviewed the comedian Paul Foot. In fact, I spent the whole day with him, interviewing him at his bedside, then sharing a jug of Pimms in the afternoon, and finally reviewing his gig that night in Leeds. (Oct 2010: To read my feature follow this link - The interview used to be hosted on the Leeds Student website, but it all went wrong at some point and I've since graduated and embarked upon my life!)

Below is a photo of one of the beautiful parks in Leeds, where we are enjoying our last few days up north! The weather has been perfect. I'm standing in the middle in my little blue Bjorn Borg beach shorts. Standing right beside me are my soon to be ex-housemates Ben and Leo. We've lived together for three years now and become great friends. Aw, check me being all nostagic, The Jack of Hearts is rarely so personal!

Jack of Hearts is written by Jack Cullen

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