Sophie Ellis Boring

Does anybody else think Sophie Ellis Bextor is a bit too perfect to be true?
I’ve always been a bit of a fan. Her posh voice, her nonchalance, her height. Where most pop stars have an indestructible narcissistic stroke and career drive, it seems Sophie just stands up and sings because she wanted to stretch her legs for a bit, she conjures a sort of apathy-chic that is just irresistible.

Of course her new single Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) is absolutely everywhere at the moment. I even met her fleetingly in Heaven last Friday and later stole myself a poster from the evening since the cloakroom mincer with his Fisher Price headphone set wouldn't let me have one, despite Sophie's approval! I love pop stars who make appearances in clubs to promote new singles, it always creates a fun buzz.

What’s funny about the song title is its acknowledgment of Sophie’s one major flaw – she can’t dance. She just sort of bends her legs and poses like the love child of Narnia’s ice queen and an ironing board.

Having just read Company’s cover story / interview with Sophie, it baffles me just how perfect she seems. The kids, the politeness, the rock star hubby, the affection and friendliness. I wish there was something a bit bad about Sophie. Not a drugs scandal or adultery, nothing evil-spirited, but just something a bit darker. Sophie has such a sultry glamorous command and her face is so alien… I just think she’d be better with more mystery.

Perhaps she’s just a manufactured ready-meal popstar, someone who turns up, says the right things, sings a little song, and goes. I hope not though. I want Sophie to mature, take a leaf out of Roisin’s book, Alison’s book or even Grace’s book… and become something more. She’s managed to build a huge magazine fanfare over her new single, and without any scandal or media-hook. Just think what she could do with a little more imagination.

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