Gay MP Alan Duncan flaunts himself in Heydon Prowse's farcical "magazine" Don't Panic!

Well, we are panicking. I’ve never seen such a stuttering train wreck on Newsnight in my life!

Heydon Prowse would have been better off ignoring Kirsty Wark’s questions and just telling the audience the truth. He runs a small student media organisation that primarily revolves around freebie posters and club night flyers, he knows nothing about politics and accepted Alan Duncan (pictured above with his younger boyfriend) into his publication because he thought that digging up a Tory MP's garden and doing some crazy shit was crazy cool. The fact that Heydon Prowse referred to Rutland’s Tory MP as “a celebrity” explains quite neatly his warped perspective.

Why is Alan Duncan appearing in Don’t Panic anyway? Does he crave celebrity? Does he fancy a bit of an air-headed art house boy for himself, AKA the fash mag slags who run the flimsy publication? Or is he just 100% clueless? The last I heard of Alan being on television he was posing for a naked calendar in Rutland, wearing wellies with a Margaret Thatcher cut-out in front of his ageing crotch. ~Eugwh.

The whole story is utterly pointless, irrelevant and ludicrous.

Prowse probably appeared on Newsnight without any kind of payment, but purely for the publicity. It’s a farce that this sort of banal trash is even being discussed on national television. Hard times.

Wark referred to him as “Millionaire” Alan Duncan. He’d have to be a millionaire to be a gay conservative MP. Without all that cash he would feel the stark and suppresive attitude of the Conservative party towards gay people, or towards any embrace of diversity for that matter. Not that there aren't gay tories. They just seem to care about satisfying their own needs though, having lavish civil partnerships while other gays are still being clubbed on the head with crow bars in car parks at 3am.
Right. Time to calm down!

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