Ice Cream Through My Fingers: Yes Giantess Do UK tour

Passion Pit’s musical brother Yes Giantess will be back on British soil this September as part of the NME tour.

With their jock dress sense of ripped white tees and hot orange baseball caps, the sickly-synth baby-rock four-piece tour up Latitude festival in Suffolk last month. Front man Jan Resenfield yelled “We’re the cool kids in America because we listen to Kylie” before launching into a rather sketchy but nevertheless determined cover of In My Arms.

Their flagship single Tuff ’n Stuff did well as a result of finding its way onto the Sister Phunk compilation last May, alongside FrankMusik, Modernaire and yes, Passion Pit. And it’s an epic, if not schizophrenic, pop song. 50% a synth heavy vengeful baby-glam anthem with ‘told you so’ style vocals, and 50% a melancholic Barbie ballad that has crowds flicking their lighters. It’s so American, and at the same time, so not.

You Were Young is their second big song, an uplifting baby disco track like Anoraak but with a soft splash of Video Killed The Radio Star. Another Yes Giantess track worth listening to is Just Another Step, which almost enters Gloria Estefan territory while still managing to uphold their trademark twinkly electrorock roots.

The boy band made it big in Boston after working the dance scene and then playing big frat nights, performing to crowds of drunk, naked and very privileged American adolescents. So the NME tour will certainly be a new experience for Jan, Chase, Karl and Joey, as they play to the black-hooded cheap-sunglasses-strad grandkids of coal minors, with their own weather cycle of sweat showers and Lynx clouds. Let's hope Latitude didn't leave the boys thinking that all British festival goers are angelic blond-locked squash players with Cath Kidston wellies.

The band say their songs are about girls, but what they mean is American girls. The only British pop stars deluded enough to praise British girls are Beth Ditto, Cliff Richard and Mika.

First UK dates for Yes Giantess:

26 September – Oxford
27 September – Sheffield
28 September – Manchester

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  1. I’ve tried to transcribe the Tuff ‘n Stuff Lyrics since they’re currently nowhere on the internet to my knowledge. Please help with the gaps, some bits certainly are tough and stuff!

    Yes Giantess - Tuff 'n Stuff Lyrics:

    I know you baby, but there are things I’ll never know
    How we get high when the sun gets low
    Heart say yes, but my head say no
    Keep one another, keep my stash
    Don’t take it out, don’t show no cash
    Play my anguish to my vest (?)
    Keep my heart beating inside my chest

    I know that baby, we ain’t from that face to face (?)
    Drop to my ____ when she call my face
    That’s how we go with the day and age
    And I wanna see your face
    And I wanna tell you that I’ve changed
    But it’s still the same

    I just wanna say that you’re beautiful
    You’re looking incredible
    Girl, you’re making everybody’s day
    And I love that your edges are rough
    When you try to act tuff ‘n stuff
    I love you so much
    I’m still smiling a lot
    Cos my little old heartbeat starts
    When I’m touching you
    And I love that you’re feeling it too
    Gonna see it all trough and through
    That’s all we gotta do