Basement Jaxx feat. Sam Sparro - Feelings Gone

Basement Jaxx invited Sam Sparro to sing on the track Feelings Gone for their sixth studio album Scars. Kelis, Yoko Ono and Santigold also appear on the new record.

I love the little puppet theme in the video to Feelings Gone. Felix and Simon are looking fresh, the atmosphere is like a Thunderbirds Christmas party and they are clearly not taking things too seriously. The song itself is a little bit 'Bob Sinclar Love Generation' with an overall sound that is perhaps too preachy for me. This time the boys take a bit of their tropical trippiness (circa Jus 1 Kiss), and add a bit of their micro-trademark movie-soundtrack-strings-thEng (circa If I Ever Recover on Kish Kash). The whole product is very Basement Jaxx esque and it's nice to see them back on music television.

As you can see, Sam Sparro is blond - shock horror! (maybe he did it for a night out with Patrick Wolf, or a Bel Ami party in Oz, who knows) He’s looking good and it’s great to see him back too, although a bit of an air brush in post-production might have been better than a bucket of foundation in the video. Also, is it just me or has he been working out? His neck’s looking quite broad. Personally I preferred the skinny with a dark fringe Sam Sparro that danced erotically in a multistory car park. But you know what gay popstars are like, donning a new image for each project, like Robbie Williams.

Basement Jaxx have always had a very varied and complex fan base. Some insist that their first studio album Remedy is the only one worth listening to, when they were financially poor and therefore edgy and enforcing. Others slate Kish Kash for being too urban – when in actuality it was a return to the darker taste of Remedy, following the mainstream extravaganza of Rooty.

Mainstream fans have been tested too though in recent years, after Crazy Itch Radio was a chart flop in 2007, offering only one successful single Hush Boy. Although diehard ‘Atlantic Jaxx’ fans adored the record for its theatricality and determined experimentation with latin and classical genres.

Some BJ fans were deterred a little by Basement Jaxx: The Singles in 2005, an uneventful greatest hits which was inevitable but a little unimaginative, not to mention completely lacking of album artwork from Felix. The collection built a bit of a Berlin wall across BJ city. While the mainstream public rejoiced in having a straightforward hits factory CD that could take permanent residency in their car stereo, some dedicated fans felt deserted. Hopefully Scars can turn this divide around, uniting all Basement Jaxx listeners.

Here’s a Jack of Hearts Top 5 Basement Jaxx collaborations:

1. Kish Kash with Siouxsie Sioux

2. Romeo with Kele Le Roc

3. Lucky Star with Dizzee Rascal

4. Lights Go Down with Linda Lewis and Lily Allen

5. Phoenix (Remix) for Daft Punk

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