Front Line Fashion: Cheryl Cole Calls The Shots On Her Own

"While Posh has been a fashion icon since 1997, she has never quite managed to unite high fashion with high chart scores"

After an embarrassing start last year as the spare part in Will.I.Am’s Heartbreaker, Cheryl Cole has finally proved that she can ditch the bandwagon of Girls Aloud as well as rise above the bland WAG'on of being married to Ashley Cole. Instead, she is now driving her own successful solo career, and all Danni can do is look on wallowingly. The catchy and chart-sharp Fight For This Love couldn’t have been released at a better time. Cheryl used Cowell’s primetime TV X-Factor platform to perform the song tonight.

Chezza is living the pop dream that close friend WAG queen Victoria Beckham has strived for and vied for over the last decade in vain. For while Posh has been a fashion icon since 1997, she has never quite managed to unite high fashion with high chart scores.

In the video to Fight For This Love (directed by Ray Kay) we see Cheryl in a striking red Balmain military jacket, worn daringly over some eye-catching LNA Noir leggings. While Madonna’s militant American Life phase came across as a bit stark and bitingly Communist, Cheryl achieves an adorable bulletproof-chic that is more reminiscent of a chocolate soldier on a Christmas tree than a Vietnam veteran. Ray Kay's video is sassy, fashionable and modern-to-the-minute.

Also in the video Cheryl pairs a very fluid and Kylie-esque loose hooded top in red and black by Alexander McQueen with some straightforward but effective D&G sunglasses. Like Posh before her, Cheryl knows that the mega gay fashion combos like D&G with his royal highness McQueen never fail, unless you’re Lady Gaga obviously.

Landing L’Oreal’s major contract was a mighty fine PR move for Cheryl, timing itself perfectly in alignment with the new single. Having appeared on the cover of Elle and Vogue over the last few months, not to mention becoming Matthew Williamson’s muse, does she yet qualify as a supermodel?

She also changes L’Oreal’s timeless slogan “Because you’re worth it” to “Because WE’RE worth it” in the recent TV adverts. Although this grammatical alteration pushes Cheryl’s charming common-touch and status as an angel of the North, it also adds a new layer of cheese to what was already the advertising world’s most cringeworthy quip.

Whitney Houston performed her new single this evening too. The diva legend, who seemed to be wired up to a battery pack, stomped unevenly around the stage clutching her ill-fitting gown against her body as if she was answering the door wrapped up in her bed sheets. Whitney's head rolled around like a dislocated shop dummy while she belted out the new tune (which sounds a bit like Hall & Oates' 80s classic Out Of Touch)

X-Factor goss:

Ricky (the latest loser within the X-Factor tournament) put on a brave face tonight as he said his goodbyes to the general public. Cheryl (who was Ricky's mentor on the show) told Dermot O'Leary that she was gutted to see Ricky go. However, fellow contestant blond heartthrobLloyd Daniels was relieved to see Ricky leave tonight, a friend claimed. Lloyd had been sleeping all week downstairs on the sofa in their ITV accommodation instead of in the boys’ room because camp and imp-like Ricky had been creeping him out, offering late night massages. Hopefully Lloyd can get a good night's sleep now, assuming he's not Danyl's type.

Below: Cheryl rocks the McQueen stripes with D&G shades


  1. HALL and Oates.

  2. Thanks Anonymous. Dutifully corrected.

  3. Benjamin J. O'Brien26 October 2009 at 20:18

    I can't believe she won FHM woman of the year, although considering their readership, perhaps I can.

    The greatest chav icon of this generation, she probably stole those D&G shades, presuming they weren't bought in Istanbul for 39p.

  4. I really like D&G shades they are perfect for any look