Talk The Line: Weese Was Wonderful Tonight

Reese came across well on Jonathan Ross’ show this evening. She was witty, articulate, dutifully confessional and interesting. The audience were evidently impressed by her relaxed couch vibe and composure. She looked great too in a black lace dress and low heels, striking a good balance between toned and slim, her legs were incredible.

Yes she’s an actress and so I’m sure she knows how to present answers on chat shows. She said the word 'certainly' a lot of times though (I counted seven), so perhaps she was trying to come across like, kinda, soph-ist-ic-ated in front of a like, Bridish audience tonight?

Refreshingly, Reese was there not to flog a new movie, DVD or book, but to raise awareness as the Global Ambassador for Avon’s campaign – Four Ways To Speak Out. A charity that is targeting and trying to put an end to domestic violence. Where better to vocalise such a project than from Jonathan’s BBC couch? His show penetrates millions of homes across the UK, almost a quarter of which terrifyingly host scenes of domestic violence, killing two people a week, according to government stats collected by Avon’s organisation.

Despite the serious issue, Reese clearly makes a brilliant ambassador, introducing topics carefully and remarkably managing to splash a positive glow onto matters. I enjoyed how easily and readily Reese mocked herself too, talking about different outfits she has made for the Oscar statue in her living room and not unwilling to re-visit the silliness of her earlier pre-Oscar roles, like Legally Blonde 2.

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