When Designer Babies Backfire

Glamour.Com published a great gallery of 2009’s celebrity babies. Mercifully these famous infants weren’t subjected to the popular tongue-in-cheek torment of (Glamour’s online trademark) DOs & DONTs! Still, it was fun forming a personal opinion. Will Charlotte Prinze be a Hollywood vampire slayer in 2030? Will the Federer twins one day smash the Venus/Serena legacy?

Well only today Glamour.Com announced the latest arrival, a yet-to-be-named baby, but one with the most beautiful parents in the world… Gisele and Tom Brady! How do you select a name for a child whose future is set to be so inconceivably beautiful? Adonis Brady? Hercules? Or some classic American jock gold, like Chad, Brad or Channing? So long as names don't get lost in translation and they call him Ian then I'm fine.

Maybe the unison of Brady and Bundchen genes will clash and backfire to create a hideous and horrifying Osbornesque Brum-glum brat?

While we’re waiting, here are a few imaginary model/jock dreamy combos…

1) Will Matthews & Gemma Ward (pictured above)

The Gloucestershire hotty is no newcomer to modelling. He once posed naked for the Stade Francais calendar (owned by openly gay French rugby millionaire Max Guazzini). I think Gemma would appreciate his Aryan hair and astonishing pecks, but I doubt her work takes her to Gloucester that much.

2) Francois Steyn & Du Juan

What would this pair’s kid even look like? South African pretty boy meets dark Asian dynamo. I think the child would be a bit broody, and as for his accent – Crazy Frog?

3) James Haskell & Lily Cole

I’m a big fan of both, but if they bred? I think we’re entering Cameron Diaz Fem- Shrek territory here. The biggest shoulders in the world AND the biggest eyes? Hmm.

Below: Tom Brady with his first son Jack.

Below: I'm calling her Harriet Haskell


  1. but have you seen veteran hotties' Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' man-faced daughters? The exception that proves the rule?

  2. "Brum-glum brat" LOL. Will Matthews... WOW!

  3. Oh Jackanori, we all know you bum Lily Cole really!
    M xx