Continuing today's Goldfrapp theme here's a byte-size paraphrasal on each of their albums, just so you're clued up and ready to goss on all things Alison:

Felt Mountain (2002) "Ooh-Ooh". A match made in heaven as Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp create a wondrous and bizarre musical aura on their first record. NME ears are pricked.

Black Cherry (2003) "Choo-choo". Welcome to popgasms city with ruby slippers and bleeding scratches, adolescents everywhere start marching to school with Train and Strict Machine.

Supernature (2005) "Woo-woo". Alison ascends the tin spires of pop minimalism while Will writes a keyboard homage to T-Rex. Ooh La La plagues TV adverts everywhere but sadly Number One doesn’t do as it says on the tin.

Seventh Tree (2007) "Twit-twoo". The band take a downtempo departure and consequently a sales dive. Some relish the summery sound while other fans pretend the album doesn't exist. Still, A&E receives good airplay.

Head First (2009) "Tu-tu". Goldfrapp backflip onto the pop throne once more, 80s twist back in their grip, with new single ‘Rocket’ leading the way with its retro laser gun glamour.

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