Onward Kristian: We Will Miss You

"This cheekiness is trademark Kristian, a boyish seriousness glazed ever so slightly with camp, too dignified to be called Disneyfied, dare I coin the word – Digbyfied."
- Leeds Student Newspaper, 2008

I have just woken up in the night to see that my phone is full of texts from reluctant messengers of the horrid, horrid news that the young television presenter and filmmaker Kristian Digby has been found dead in his London home. I'm absolutely lost for words, it's 2.34am, and I do not even want to read the story on Guardian.co.uk yet, I just dread to think. I need to write something though, if only to ease my spinning mind...

Kristian was one of the first notable TV figures that I interviewed as a student journalist, when I decided upon appointment as Arts Editor of Leeds Student that I should perhaps branch out into interviewing as well as writing reviews and opinion pieces. (Link to the Kristian Digby interview) In Kristian I found a tricky first interviewee in that everything he said made me burst out laughing but was then quickly defined by his manager Jo Wander as "off the record". Kristian was so acutely funny and colourful when talking about the television industry and the personalities within it, he was also very clued up on the ins and out of gay Britain and, amongst its many strengths, its hidden crevasses.

My interview with Kristian was a joy and, upon his enjoyment of the final double-page spread, he put me in touch with the then Editor of Gay Times Joseph Galliano, and subsequently secured for me one of my first internships with an A-List magazine. I last saw Joe for lunch two weeks ago, and as always, fond anecdotes of his friend Kristian came up in conversation.

I'm so, so, sorry to hear this sickening news of Kristian's death. He was so wonderful to me and really did go out of his way to recommend me to his close friends in media. Just trying to listen to the recording of our conversation in my iTunes library now made my stomach wrench. Just looking at the cheery words of my interview makes my head spin in the face of this unexpected and unfair development.

Kristian's Facebook status updates were a failsafe enlightenment and amusement during the long afternoons at work. I will miss you Kristian. The cutting short of your career in television is the nation's loss. Take care Kristian, we will miss you. Thank you so much for your excellent humour, your impeccable dress sense, your hours of joyous television and your selfless support. JC x x


  1. A very touching piece Jack. Kristian was a great TV personality.

  2. Really who are you ?
    exactly I'm intrigued ?