When Kelly Rowland Takes Over: New Song Smooches

"Beyoncé, like her much younger pop contemporaries Rihanna and Lady Gaga, is a post-Madonna phenomena. Whereas Kelly is just a part of that story"

Ladies and Gentlemen... Miss Kelly is back with her new tune Smooches that leaked onto Twitter this afternoon.

This is Kelly Rowland’s third random comeback single across two years in which she has tried different genres, from the life-affirming warm Jack Johnson tones of Daylight to her chavtastic floorfiller of last Spring with David Guetta - When Love Takes Over. This time Grammy-winning Kelly has gone minimal with some serious boom pah pah percussion making an appearance à la Stingray. The new sound is the closest Kelly has dared venture towards her Destiny’s Child heritage, with a return to their early trademark ghetto-gospel hollers.

Smooches sounds a bit like a really stripped down version of Beyoncé’s Diva, or Keri Hilson’s Turning Me On. This is no doubt down to the producer of all three songs Bangladesh.

The minimal sound is cool but I don’t see Smooches saving Kelly’s career. The song's just a bit boring and the sad truth is, she just isn’t Beyoncé and she’ll never defeat the constant comparisons between the pair. And with every new genre that Kelly tries she meets new rivals that blast her out of the water. She was possibly onto a winner with David Guetta, especially after the earlier success she had with the Freemasons remix of her hit Work. Everything Kelly Rowland does is controlled by Beyoncé so if she is ever going to mount a new pop throne it has to be in a different realm of the musical kingdom.

I really rate Kelly Rowland, she remains an unsung hero and her 2006 album Miss Kelly is an R’n’B classic that deserved a much bigger reception. Like Michelle though, Kelly will live out her musical life in Beyoncé’s all-encompassing shadow. Beyoncé, like her much younger pop contemporaries Rihanna and Lady Gaga, is a post-Madonna phenomena. Kelly was cool, Kelly is cool, but no matter how much we want her to be a success, she will always be just a part of the Beyoncé story.

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