All Things Bright And Blasphemous

It’s Easter Sunday in the year 2010AD - but what does that even mean? More of us in Britain have read Dan Brown’s shit-lit novel The Da Vinci Code than the New Testament. Rosary beads are a plastic teen accessory from Topman as opposed to a pious possession.

Heaven does exist, underneath Charing Cross station, and it’s London’s biggest gay club.
Thousands congregate their every weekend to worship The Saturdays before spending all of Sunday dozing in the arms of their last-night stand.

Religion was once the centre point of art and music, but only because it was the church who had the cheque book. Ask a million people today who Madonna is and they will all point you in the direction of the world’s most famous living pop singer. Charles Saatchi is our country’s most famous art collector and he has a stale Twitter account that links his peers to a blog about London's shit churches.

The last three months have witnessed a colossal caving-in of the Catholic Church’s global reputation following the exposure of these child-abusing priests. Cases that are unforgivable, unimaginably evil and still largely unanswered. Meanwhile Elton John, the world’s biggest single financial benefactor of HIV research, declared that Jesus Christ was a gay man. I don’t know what to think about religion. Any religion. Like millions of Britons, I was raised in the Church of England and sometimes tick the said box on a form, but I’m not really a Christian. My Jesus account is inactive and I’ve no wish to remember my password.

Through education, friendship, culture and embracing diversity I found something better than attending church and so I chose to dispose of what I had been taught in infancy.
What is the contemporary definition of blasphemy? Write your answers on the back of a prayer card.

So. That was my blog poat dedicated to Easter. Below are four blogs that I find fascinating, nourishing and you should all take a look at -
Happy Easter, xx

Men Click scours and scandalises the net in search of gorgeous high-fashion mancandy. The blog has its own great blog roll with links to all the latest boystrous ad campaigns plus ties with modern-to-the-minute trendy magazines like

The blog evokes some major gay vibes, or gaydiation as I call it, but not to the alternative head-decking extent that all the models are too arty and pectorially derelict for their own good.
Whereas Homotography’s blog is comprehensive to the extent that your brain will explode, Men Click is joyously bite-size, bringing a splash of boy action into your day without taking up too much of your time.

I don’t really understand the W**kers blog nor do I think I’m supposed to. I love the albums of iPhone photos that usually embrace wide micro-cultural horizons and often squeeze a chuckle out of me over my morning coffee.

This bizarre blog about Britain’s shit churches seemed to seize last spring. Still, it’s well worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. I stumbled across this blog when Charles Saatchi promoted it on Twitter in what also seems to have been his last ever Tweet. Saatchi simply wrote “phwoar!!!” and linked to this blog. Very amusing.

Remains one of the best electro music portals on the web. Unwaveringly cool in every step it takes. A heat wave of modern melodies and bitch-cool beats, as well as nice news snippets about the world of dance music, who’s collaborating with who and generally just an education in remixology.

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