Heaven. Is. Amazing. Despite the interesting and varied answers we like to trot off about Shoreditch and Vauxhall at dinner parties when asked ‘So where’s good for gay clubbing in Londonderry young Sir?’, nothing beats Heaven. It was the first gay club affair for many of us and it will always hold a place in our hearts. Yes the gym bunny bar men at KU are cute, yes there’s something cool about the youngster bumpster scene going off in Dalston these days, but all of us are joined at the hip through Heaven. It’s the most prominent gay club in London and probably therefore the UK. Jeremy Joseph's G-A-Y, at Heaven on a Saturday night following the destruction of the Astoria, is one of London's best nights out.

And do you want to know G-A-Y @ Heaven's success secret? Cheap door tax. At a mere £4 entry to see a megastar like Kelis, and then enjoy a big night out in a seemingly endless sea of enlightened men – BARGAIN! It is this cheap door tax that lures us away from our bar stools in Soho, that lures an attractive student crowd away from their Wiis, that sets our night off on the right foot and encourages us to spend more at the bar. The day G-A-Y @ Heaven pumps its door tax up is the day we will all wake from Jeremy Joseph’s 25-year spell and walk away.
Yes, this blog post is written in an unsightly magenta.

Read my review of Kelis at G-A-Y here on Gay Times. She was brilliant.


  1. Welcome to the 22nd centurreeeeeee

  2. totally unexpected (one of a few) albums of the year