On Canal Street

The first rule of pink journalism – NEVER insult Canal Street. The ever-pink centre of the northern gayniverse and a spiritual home to thousands. To criticise Canal Street is professional suicide, not to mention unprofitable, and so whenever us media gays pay a visit to the lovely bubbly north we make sure to return with an abundance of overly joyous praise.

For decades queens of the north have flocked to the Manchester Gay Village to build a gay life for themselves, as have plenty of Londoners who’ve exhausted Soho and fancy swapping their sushi for some hot pot. However, is Canal Street quite the emerald city you at first see from the M62?

Despite having such a large gay community, the demographic of Manchester Gay Village stills falls into quite defined categories. The boundless diversity of London is yet to fully bless Manchester’s timeless streets, as is the news that chequered shirts have had their moment. The Manchester scene is too large to enjoy a family atmosphere but not large enough (as London is) to provide a wide enough range of venues for everybody to find their niche.

I made some great friends last night, although interestingly none of them were from Manchester itself. In fact I really liked one of them but lost his number, alas, these things should always be left to fate. Anyway, enough rambling about Manchester's scene - let's crack on with my Pink Paper review of Poptastic.

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