'I Love Charlie' : Little Chef Unwittingly Create A Cult Cocaine Addict T-Shirt

To celebrate their 50th anniversary Little Chef has brought out a new range of 'retro' memorobilia t-shirts, dedicated to the brand's mascot Charlie, and in doing so have consequently created the latest cult fashion item for cocaine-addicts, cock-in-cheek gays and fashionistas on a budget.

With a slogan that is so simple and to the point, not even the A-list-t-shirt-slogan-slash-poet-of-our-day Henry Holland could have thought up something this genius. The micro-trend is ideal for students as the Fruits of the Loom designed tees only cost £5.99. You don't even have to ask your dodgy Uncle to drive you to a Little Chef in the middle of the night this time, you can just buy them online using your coke-cutter from http://www.charlieshop.co.uk/

Whether the brains behind Little Chef's PR team knew the cult potential of this new merchandise range we can only guess. You would have hoped at least one team member was down-with-the-kids enough to point out the obvious? Maybe they're not allowed to admit it, but they just really know their target market. Eat your heart out Nandos, with your pitifully half-witted "Chicks Rule" t-shirts.

Coming to an Agyness Deyn near you, Thank You Little Chef for giving us this year's hottest t-shirt trend for next Saturday's London Pride. Not that I'm suggesting London's gay population do a lot of coke, just that we love a bit of raw meat with our shit coffee after a long ride.

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