Tomorrow! I'm going tomorrow!

With a friend I’m going road tripping across France, Spain and Switzerland in sunglasses, little shorts and a Volkswagen van. But before you start thinking this is a hippie pilgrimage, the VW California is from 2006, has blacked out windows, air con, an iPod cable and can go fast. The roof rises to make a double bed but the seats also fold down to make a second double bed inside the main body of the vehicle, making the VW California perfect for parking up outside nightclubs as well as on the beach at night. We're mixing the trip up with hotels though, we're not that rough n' roll, and will be staying in Sitges for a few days in the middle of the trip.

So the Jack of Hearts will be dormant now until August, but I’ll be writing four exciting pieces for Gay Times on Paris, on Toulouse, on Sitges and on something else, so make sure to keep an eye on my GT blog for behind the wheel gossip, action-packed anecdotes and some knees bend arm stretch RA RA RA.

See you in August.
Jack xx

The Villa Mauresque on the French Riviera.

The VW California. Ours is black obviously.

A French boy courtesy of Google images.

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