Top 10 Male Scents: The Best Aftershaves of All Time

Choosing the right scent is a tough challenge for the contemporary man about town and often one he doesn't have time for. It doesn't help that the nose can only assess three scents thoroughly in the space of two hours. Nor does it help that greedy designers push men into making the wrong purchase by seducing them with billboards of ripped six packs diving into glistening carribean waters, dapper diegos in tight Armani suits or Lacoste lovelies floating through the air with perfect hair. There's no knowing which scent is the one for you, sometimes a combination is required to truly match your personal aura, odour and fleshtone. Ideally men should have four scents: a day scent for work and lunch; a sexy scent for fun and partying; a serious scent for expensive dinners, important meetings and funerals, and a summer scent for the outdoors, the beach and weddings.

The 10 scents in this list are all brilliant, but that's not to say they'll work. Even the most right scents can smell very wrong on some people. Of course the image is important to an extent, not just for its psychological impact but because most designers will develop their scent to operate in tangent with their house's image and typical clientele. But remember - no scent will make you look like James Franco or Travis Fimmel, so stop staring at the adverts and start smelling.

10) CK One Kicking off our Top 10 it’s Calvin Klein with CK One. A failsafe unisex scent that most of us have dabbled in at some point in our adolescence, CK One is like that first glass of wine after work.

9) Polo Sport – Ralph Lauren It only goes with the bodies of a select few and bares that post-preppy smell of a randy Etonian who wants to be a side character in Rules of Attraction. As Patsy would say “I love the smell of a ripe tuck box.”

8) Diesel Fuel For Life Fuel For Life invaded the scent scene a couple of years back with its rustic and spicy charisma. Like snogging a film star while swigging Jack Daniels at a motel gas station, Fuel For Life was a real winter warmer, while it lasted.

7) Joop – Homme Whilst All About Adam and Jump were well-formed scents from Joop, it was Homme that enjoyed the long lasting joopilation. Bright pink, exotic but surprisingly masculine. Joop Homme is like Ricky Martin dancing naked in the rain. A real hit with the ladies, bless them.

6) YSL – L’Homme (Summer) When team Yves march into the perfumery nobody knows what to expect. YSL L’Homme was their greatest hit but a little too strong, so when the Summer edition was released it was just right. Sadly though the chunk-galunk bottle makes it a beach-bag no-no. YSL's L'Homme (Summer) is like a beautiful undressed body resting on a wicker chaise longue in a summer house.

5) Boss – Hugo Boss The sophisticated counterpart to HUGO by Hugo Boss. BOSS is an all time classic and can be seen in its empty state on the bathroom window ledge of any notable bachelor at their dinner party. A gorgeous spritzer, a late summer evening, an elixir of success and bedroom manners.

4) Jean-Paul Gaultier – Le Male (Summer) Not many aftershaves have a place in cultural history. Jean Paul-Gaultier’s iconic Le Male does. A cosmestics milestone in the development of any serious man’s style and masculinity, getting to grips with Le Male is a degree in fashion PR itself. However, the scent is bit dull and ever so slightly metallic. Roll on the Summer editions which are fruity and just spot on. Since so many people collect the bottles it’s near impossible to pick up Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male (Summer) from the high street. It's one of those online or airport affairs, a bit like my sex life.

3) Paco Rabanne – 1 Million Currently enjoying mainstream success with teenagers, stylish straight men and the senior ranks of the Topman army, when Paco Rabanne 1 Million appeared in 2008 the bright future of the scent was just utterly predictable. Shiny, uplifting, dazzling, erotic, understated, passionate, addictive. Paco Rabanne created his youngest smelling scent to date and struck gold.
2) Calvin Klein – Crave Ok, Travis Fimmel may have helped on the PR side, but what many don’t realise is that Crave was Calvin Klein’s best ever scent. They shocked themselves with how good it was and eventually took it off the shelves because (as urban legend has it) they were scared it would undermine their other products, including the then new (and pretty shit) CK IN 2 U. Crave was magnificent, it smelt like the sun glistening off a newly polished surfboard strapped to the top of Marlon Brando’s car. Crave was clean and citrusy but one of the few male aftershaves to really pull off a citrus tone. Crave was just excellent and will forever be missed.

1) Bond No. 9 – Hamptons Bond No. 9 are an artistic concept store based in New York, each of their scents reflecting a different area of the city, and with a few novelty editions like a special Andy Warhol line. Each named after a part of New York, Park Avenue, Wall Street and Riverside Drive are popular, but its Hamptons that takes 1st prize. Hamptons smells like happiness, success and dreams fulfilled. Hamptons smells like blissfully lounging on a yacht and taking a deep relaxing sigh. Hamptons smells like wild desires that have been realised, materialised and reflected upon with a heart-warming smile.
And so that brings you to the end of Jack’s Top 10 Male Scents!

(Runners up were Davidoff's Cool Water, Chanel Allure and Dior Homme)


  1. I still have my stockpile of Crave. It's running out fast though.

  2. Thanks for this

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  4. Skin products for specific skin types have been available for a number of years now, and products formulated for men are slowly gaining popularity. However, before choosing what shaving creams or aftershaves to use on our faces, we should start with the basic issue: knowing our own specific skin type.

  5. I like The Million from Paco Rabanne. The gold bottle, the sensible choice of flamboyant,masculine and sparkling sell is affordable at £40 to £50 a 100 ml bottle and competes well with the classy Bvlgari and Gucci. It's no way near Amouage Die Pour Homme but then it's not meant to be. The Million attracts the quality and the attractive lady. I like it.


  6. Your forgetting about the likes of creed, far better than any mentioned.

  7. My prince use this Hugo Boss and I really like the smell when he is wearing it. :)

    pheromones attract women

  8. christobal balenciaga is, in my opinion(and we all have our own), the most classy and beautiful scent available to man. shocked there is no mention of Acqua di gio too...absolute classic

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