New Madonna Track ANIMAL - YouTube Leak

There may have been a distressing Tube strike this morning, but everyone's Number 1 Tube Service, YouTube, has an exciting compensation gift from the world's Number 1 popstar Madonna -

First thoughts: Lady Gaga's raised the pop benchmark, and while artists like Kylie can afford to push out samey quintissential material, and underground 'main-ternative' artists like Uffie and Peaches can afford to talk their way through a track or just gargle gin into a microphone, Madonna unfortunarely has to deliver. She can say the word Animal as much as she likes but it doesn't make her contemporary sound any livelier. Perhaps if she'd called this song Cannibal it would have offered more scope to steal her crown back off Gaga?
'Animal' sounds a bit like 'Dance2Night' from her Hard Candy album, it has a pretty boring beat suggesting this track is still in production, although will probably never get released now (à la Britney's best ever song 'Kiss You All Over') because its thunder has disappated into the ocean of YouTube too soon. It's going to take some lyrics from Pharrell or JT again to make this one a reasonable chart entry.

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