Skittles: Taste The Facebook Following

Skittles have launched a Facebook campaign in which a hunk is locked in a perspex box for 24 hours with Skittles dropped on him every 15 minutes. The amount of Skittles dropped every 15 minutes depends on the amount of people who have joined up with Skittles on Facebook during that period. Genius.

In signing up not only do you swear online allegiance to Skittles, but you also give Skittles access to all of your basic details including name, gender, a list of your friends and associates, and any photos or content that you've added to Facebook with an 'everyone can see' setting, so it is essentially a data mining exercise in which online privacy is yet agaiOOH LOOK... Skittles falling on a hunk's head! WHOOOOO!

The Facebook page also has a live commentator making jokes in a deadpan manner such as "Why isn't he busy sorting the Skittles into different coloured piles?

How many Skittles will be dropped?
A maximum of 2,000,000 Skittles. Currently there are only approximately 9000 Skittles going into each drop drop. For every 1 person who joins on Facebook 40 Skittles are added, although how this is put into practice is not revealed. Do they have a special Skittles counting machine, or do they just shovel in any old amount and hope Rain Man isn't watching? The entire gimmick is recorded and livestreamed through the Facebook page.

Who is David Phoenix?
The man in the box goes by the name of David Phoenix and he appears to be a kick-boxer and stunt artist according to the University of Yahoo Answers. He is dark, handsome and is currently sitting in the perspex box wearing a red sports jacket looking quite glum (probably because he can't w*** , as one boy following on Facebook helpfully pointed out).

Where is the Skittles stunt happening?
In Soho, London. Where else would a rainbow-obsessed publicity stunt involving a male model occur? Melissa Smith just revealed on Facebook: "I've just seen the real deal....
St Annes Court, in between Dean St and Wardour Street, he's even more awesome in the FLESH......"

Disappointingly the Skittles don't all fall onto David's head, they mostly just land infront of his crotch joining a huge pile around his feet, and David isn't naked, which would have struck me as a must. As PR expert Paul Wells scoffed to The Jack of Hearts this afternoon: "Oh Skittles, what’s the point of having a hunk in a box, if he’s not at least half naked?! These social media stunt rookies are absolutely clueless."

What will happen when the Skittles go over his head? Does he have a game plan? Before entering the perspex box David Phoenix asked people to follow him on Twitter @IAmDavidPhoenix , yawn, go on then.

The Facebook group currently has over 1,300,000 members make this an incredibly successful campaign, especially considering there are over 20 hours to go.

Some questions raised on the Skittles page that there are currently no answers for: Can David go to the toilet? Can he eat the Skittles? Can he take his clothes off?

I've just read this little article about the whole affair by Rosie Baker in Marketing Week. According to her piece the footage from this campaign, which pays homage towards the gunge-tank glory years of 1990s kids television, will form part of a new marketing campaign too.

I'm so going to take a look after work. If only for the Warholian brilliance of 15 minutes.

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