YouTube Sundays: Madonna Couldn't, Britney Couldn't, Calvin Could

Few people know Britney's killer groove 'Trouble'. It only appeared in the UK as a bonus track on 'Circus' for those who pre-ordered the CD although internet downloads are available. It's one of her best tracks; sexy, cool, minimal, disjointed and 'current' - but for some reason it was never a single. A couple of years earlier Madonna tried to make a hit out of the same synth scale in 'Get Together', her follow-up to the genius Abba-sampling hit 'Hung Up'. But again, nobody paid much attention. Then only last year Calvin Harris released 'Flashback' as the second single off his Ready For The Weekend album, and despite having had nearly 4 million plays on YouTube it still didn't receive the recognition it deserved.

Three questions:

1) Can anyone else see the striking shared ground between these three songs?

2) Is there some kind of curse on this melody?

3) When will Lady Gaga make her version and fly to the top of the charts?

Take a listen:

Britney Spears - 'Trouble'

Madonna - 'Get Together'

Calvin Harris - 'Flashback'

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