Geek Thursdays: Google Maps Gone Mad

A friend Joey Severn posted this on his Facebook wall today and I wanted to share it with my readers:

‎1. Go to Google maps.

2. Click "Get Directions".

3. Enter New York as a start.

4. Enter China as the final location.

5. Go to number 31 in the directions.

6. When you finish laughing, put this on your status


For those who cannot be bothered, number 31 says 'Kayak across the Pacific Ocean'.

Number 106 says 'Jet Ski across the Pacific Ocean'.

Although my favourite was direction number 114 'Take the ramp on the left onto 外环高速/外環高速' - like an Asian Rocky Horror show.

I checked to see if 122 was 'Sweet and Sour Chicken (Cantonese Style)', but alas, it was 'Keep left at the fork to continue toward 宁合高速/寧合高速 and merge onto 宁合高速/寧合高速' - well at least there's a culinary object in there.

Above: Mariah Carey enroute to her gig in China.

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