Fuzz Light Year: Cold Cave's 2nd Album: "Cherish The Light Years"

Cold Cave are brilliant at their art, a dark and intense American electro act, introduced to me by my music-geek pal Duncan James Robertson two years ago, I met the band when they played a tiny gig in Nottingham (review and photos with the band here).

During that Crystal Castles phase when lots of bands in London acquired synth players over night along with a fat girl in leggings and someone who looked a bit like a character played by Noel Fielding, Cold Cave were there in the background, avoiding that bandwagon, pushing out their own brand of intelligent lyrics, excessive feedback noise, brave beats and terrifying melodies. With all the intensity of Fuck Buttons, the vocal energy of The Fall and the image of some Warhammer dark elves, Cold Cave are cool, more than cool, they're placid.

The first single of their new album 'The Great Pan Is Dead' is a real running down the street as fast as you can, manically racing down steps, throwing stacks of paper out of a 15th storey window, type song. I love it. You can stream their third album Cherish The Light Years here below, it's released on April 5th.

For those new to Cold Cave check out The Trees Grew Emotions And Died, Gates, Double Lives In Single Beds and Theme From Tomorrowland - my favourite tracks of theirs.

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