Photos: Pink Collar Boxing

Last night I went to the first ever Pink Collar Boxing at The Scala in Kings Cross. Organised by boxer trainer Dermot Mannion, it was an exciting evening with six scheduled fights that took place in The Scala's main arena. The turn out was large and the crowd's cheering, yelling and egging-on crescendoed into a very lively atmosphere by the final fight.

I felt the evening's host Bernie Katz could have been a lot chattier, he didn't make much of an effort to build up a rapport with the audience, meaning there were some awkward sober silences during the first half. I'm sure boxing is meant to be watched with concentration and sincerity, but for an event targeted at a wide audience of amateurs and first-time spectators of the sport, the audience certainly needed a livelier host to provide commentary, insight, jokes, and generally to hold their hand through the evening's discourse.

Some videos of the boxers before each fight, with vox pops from friends possibly, and some X-Factor style hype, would have been another welcome addition to the evening.

All in all though - a fun evening of rambling around The Scala and watching hot men hit it out in the ring. Definitely go for the experience, the next one is in four months:

I wrote a preview to the event on Gay Times here.

And here are my iPhone snaps:

Above: Club land songtress Lizzie France sang some dance hits, adding to the dance music backdrop of the event. You can here her stuff here.

The fighters included Scott Roberts, news editor of Gaydar Radio, Pat Cash from QX magazine (who had a photographer there on the night so look out for those snaps), and Ricky 'The Hammer' Sinz.

Below: One of the skimpily clad ringside hunks with a round card.

Below: The bell boy! He took his job very seriously, smiles were few and far between. Hot.

Below: Dermot Mannion referees

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