Sugababes New Single 'Freedom' - June 2011

Suzanne Moore just shared a link via Twitter to Mazzy Star's famous OC soundtrack tune Into Dust. I clicked on the link obediently wondering what the reason behind this unexplained sharing, but before I could work it out and before David Roback's pletrum had even left his guitar string I noticed a hot pink promotional video in the YouTube roll on the right - "Sugababes New Single", I immediately clicked on that instead and a bizarre Barbie-themed Nokia advert pops up:

Freedom - a snippet of a new Sugababes single:

I'm not sure what I think yet. Jake and Dinos Chapman spring to mind. So does some dance song from that 90s that I currently cannot recall (the one that goes "You got all that I need" or something?). When the babes yell "Ooh-yeahuHhhHHH" it all sounds very Aguilera.

Let's just hope the Nokia promotion stops here though and the Sugababes' new material doesn't become a Nadine Coyle esque "Only available in the cereals and crisps aisle" gold handcuffed nightmare.

Whilst I'm sharing YouTube videos like I'm some goth fairy on Tumblr, and whilst we're on a pretty and pink theme, could I also draw your attention to the post-feminist omnisexual anthem organ-laced Burger Baby by unsung queer pop heroes Gravy Train!!!! (the exclamation marks are part of their name)

Click on this peachy butt bee-arches:

Behind the Scenes: The making of the Sugababes Nokia ad:

I caught up with Sophy Woltman who worked on the doll video as part of Wieden & Kennedy who are Nokia's ad agency:

Q: So what are these dolls?

SW: They're are super cool dolls made by a brand called Integrity.

Q: So were the Sugababes not involved themselves?

SW: It's a collaborative project. We wanted to use Sugababes' new song Freedom because it has the right sound and works really well with the ad's concepts.

Q: Concepts being?

SW: Well for a start we wanted an ad with a music video feel to it, and secondly we were playing with the idea of product placement and the role that commercial brands play in music videos.

Q: How. Ironic.

SW: Yes!

Q: So have Sugababes even seen this video?

SW: Yes they have, they got in touch to say they love it.

Q: Do you have a favourite Sugababes song?

SW: I have to admit, I've always liked their first ever song Overload best, but their new song Freedom is pretty brilliant I think you'll agree.

Q: And who is the mastermind behind this Nokia video?

SW: Well, there's the director David Wilson, and the creatives Alex Holder and Oli Beale. You should watch the 'making of' on YouTube it's BRILLIANT.

Thanks Sophy, we will do!

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