Gay Podcast (with Adam Roberts and Dan Scratcher)... my voice on the internet.

Hello hello. Above you see a photo of Adam Roberts who writes a blog called Skeletor's Armpit. I recently starred as a gay guinea pig on his podcast Skeletor's Mouthpiece. Read on!

I've admired Adam's writing for a while (despite how much he discusses the irregularities of his own genitals). I was thrilled therefore to discover that Adam has started a podcast with his friend Dan Scratcher, recorded from his very retromania / Stockholm Syndrome style bedroom in the thickets of Hertfordshire.

Adam and Dan's voices compliment each other. Dan's - a soothing and reassuring tone that spills with stability and hearty strength. Adam's - a really quite scary boombox of a voice that conjures the boys at the back of a GCSE physics classroom with its loose-canon wisecracks and sexually obsessive incisions.

When he invited me to travel to Hertfordshire to be a contributing guest I leapt at the oppurtunity - not only could I then report back to my friends on Adam's intriguing bedroom, but I would have a chance to see Hertford, a lifelong dream now realised:

These are four images I took in Hertford on my phone.

1) A newsagent called 'Gay's Newsagent'.

2) A book at the top of Hertford's non-fiction chart called "Abel Smith School by Dorothy Abel Smith"

3) A solicitor's office 'Duffield Harrison Solicitors' which looks as if the staff have been eaten by triffids.

4) Some radioactive berries in Adam's garden.

There were also some really odd looking people on Grindr around Hertford, but I wouldn't be so insensitive as to broadcast someone's Grindr profile.

I had great fun chilling at chez Adam, drinking tea and building bonfires in the garden. There were also some very covetable ceramic ornaments in the house of angered parrots, and vintage photographs of long-dead school classes.

In the podcast we discuss gay porn, Grindr, gay nazis, red-headed women, predatory gays, sexual positions, cottaging, foreskins, Thailand and other fragile topics.


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  1. Thanks Jack. What a great write up. We're both really glad you enjoyed it. We had great fun recording. You're welcome back any time.