Naked In Earl's Court: A Night in the Life of Pete Maciejowski (Curator of The Homosocial)

At the very end of last month I spent the night with Pete Maciejowski, interviewing him for Gay Times. We spent the evening drinking white wine and gin on his Earl’s Court balcony, discussing a wide range of adult topics, until we both passed out and the next day interrupted us.

Pete Maciejowski is the star of the 2012 BUTT calendar, as well as the poster boy for some of Amsterdam’s biggest gay nights. Most recently he has been featured in an exhibition in Berlin. When he's not busy he holds intimate evenings of male indulgence, evenings at which sometimes he takes photos and at other times he simply sits in a chair wearing a mask and pouring more drinks.

My interview with Pete isn’t yet published, alas it is sitting in my iTunes library like a symphony of sordid soirées, but you can view a preview piece on my Gay Times blog, and you can take a look at a couple of snaps on Pete’s site The Homosocial (including a rare photo of ME! (before you get too excited, it's not naked but simply of me storming down an urban path)).

SO. Here are your links you sexy chicken face Jack of Hearts readers:

Gay Times: Spending the night with Pete Maciejowski


The Interview… And The Antics!

Finally... you can follow Pete on Twitter @TheHomosocial

Above: a snap that Pete took of me collapsing onto the steps of his Earl's Court pad.

The image at the very top of this blog post is taken from Pete Maciejowski's site The Homosocial.

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