So I met Mat from The Special Ks...

This tall guy with cool hair was at last night’s Firetrap party and I REALLY recognised him from somewhere, not in a 'shagged-him-last-winter' way or a 'looks-like-a-minor-celebrity way', but in a slightly haunting way like perhaps he was in my swimming class in 1993 and I subsconsciously recognised him?

After watching him out of the corner of my eye a bit too much the lady I was officially chatting to had to tell me to stop staring, I get really bothered by familiar face conundrums. Thankfully though an hour or so later I was walking up the stairs between the smoking area and the bar and said boy was blocking my way. As he turned I snatched the oppurtunity to do that whole quizzical ‘Do I know you?’ thing (where you're privately PRAYING they're not a complete tit, or you know them because you broke their parents' Grayson Perry vase at an after-party once).

Turns out he’s called Mat and we actually went to boarding school together. It's quite unusual to meet someone from the same boarding school and not be 100% sure who they are, because boarding school is such an intense and close-knit ennvironment, it's like having several hundred fathers, brothers and children.

We worked out that the reason we didn’t properly know each other was probably due to a combination of the following:

a) We were in rival boys houses
b) We are two years apart
c) He left aged 16
d) He spent most of his time playing his guitar in his dorm
e) He has asymmetrical hair now and a trendy coat. I have yellow hair and have grown by about three feet since school.

ANYWAY. We had a nice little chat about London, sex, Sunday Girl and the monotony of fashion parties*, and Mat told me he's in band called The Special Ks. Here’s their single Crystal Fields:

And here’s a sexy little acoustic version in which Mat shows a lot of ARM:

So. A standard Wednesday night really - got drunk, saw Diana Vickers sitting on her own stirring a drink somewhere, made a prat out of myself in front of my editor, sucked rum out of a hollowed-out coconut shell and met a boy in a band. But with a twist, as this time weirdly the boy went to the same school as me AND his band are actually worth listening to.

Fingers crossed the Special Ks will make it big time. You heard it here first bitch.

- - -

*My friend who goes by the alias Shirley Not just texted me having read this blog post saying " 'the monotony of fashion parties?' - you're Jack Cullen not Peaches Geldof"

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