Goldfrapp Singles Collection: Yellow Halo

I learnt this morning off Alasdair that Goldfrapp are to release a singles collection in February, containing two new songs including this gem below Yellow Halo. The video just fills me with envy it's so beautiful how Alison and Will have used their talents to just escape the world.

Watch the video to Yellow Halo here:

Goldfrapp's music is important to me because it helped me realise that all that matters in this life is experiencing as much as possible, taking yourself on adventures, investing in friends, and mapping out your life on instinct and feeling, not convention and tuition. Goldfrapp really capture the brevity, insignificance and sheer beauty of life, and at the same time also its longevity and ancestry.

There were a few negative whispers in the gay media's rumour wheel last year about Goldfrapp, because Alison refused to discuss her girlfriend, and so some people saw that as a self-loathing sales-calculating stunted type of coming out, a "Mike Stipe coming out", arguably worse than being in the closet. But whilst Alison may have been a bit short-fused with some journalists, treating them like tabloid sewer rats, I think people also caught hold of the wrong end of the stick. Alison isn't a celesbian. She is a person who has realised that there are no lines.

Goldfrapp's back catelogue really is a journey, and this song Yellow Halo does seem rather like an ending. Let's hope it isn't quite the end though.

Here's a piece I wrote on Goldfrapp last year in which I attempt to paraphrase rather poetically what it is that I like about each of their albums: Goldfrappuccino

Here is my review of Goldfrapp's last album Head First. Clearly I was a bit miffed by it, but I was wrong, and the record has matured magnificently. Head First is a great album.

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