Worst Male Dating Habits: My New Blog Series with The Huff Post's Emma Gannon!

I have started a collaborative blog-post series with Emma Gannon, a wonderful heterosexual female (form a cue Adam) who writes for the Huffington Post (aren't they just totally everywhere right now).

The series is called "Online Dating Gripes". We both realised, Emma and I, that we spend a lot of time ridiculing how bad so many men are when it comes to writing profiles on dating websites. I obviously use gay ones like GAYdar and GAYromeo and fitLADS. Emma prefers ethereal ones for ladies, so stuff like eHarmonyPlentyOfFish (eeew) and Naked Candlelit Dinners.

Here is a photo of what Emma Gannon looks like, as I know some of my readers have never met a woman before (she's on the right):

Emma looks a little non-plussed in that photo, and I totally know how she feels, when Z-list former girlband nothings keep harrassing journalists to have their photo taken with them. Here is Emma looking more like her usual self:

Anyway. Enough photographs of Emma. Let's get on with this new blog series "Online Dating Gripes". The first post is on Emma's blog and you can read it HERE!

(photo credit: Gene Kiegel via Homotography)


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