New Online Pose For Girls: The Kooky Zooey

It would appear the classic and much-parodied emo pose of slapping the mascara on, holding the camera as far up in the air as possible and then glaring at the lens through your fake lashes is OVER.

The photos above are all avatars from Facebook and Twitter and took me about three minutes to source because it would appear EVERY TEENAGE GIRL in Britain is adopting this profile pic pose right now. Not quite a "duck face pose" and not quite "geek chic", I want to find out what has triggered this reent pose plague? Is it Katy Perry with gangrene? Is it Zooey Deschanel on a Claire's Accessories rampage? Is it Jordan with a C in GCSE Art? Or does one popular girl at one relatively large school start the trend and then it just spreads like a bush fire?

I appreciate that teenage girls are quite often insecure, and all sub-groups have photo trends, from the muscle-flexing boys in tracksuits to the pearly wise stares of handsome female news anchors, but I was hoping somebody could help me out in identifying what THIS trend is, in which girls tilt their head to one side, shove all their hair to the other, shove one shoulder out into the open, roll their mouth to look like the last two frankfurters in a jar and then glare their eyes in a crazy fashion (I've blacked the eyes out above but it's a sort of searchingly ironic ditzy-dumb beam).

I'm sure Shane Dawson has this on his agenda.


  1. have you tried asking one of those using said avi?

  2. Sadly not as none of the predicatable combinations of punctuation and emoticon that I would get in response are any help. Inside knowledge is to no avail on this one.