Azealia Banks Another One

This time it's chill out techno number Pineapple Crush by Lone that Azealia Banks has decided to chatter over. Very 90s infused, a tad too hair salon waiting area for my liking, here it is:

It's the kind of sound Armand Van Helden was trying to revive in 2007. Proper good, porny house music. You can almost imagine Azealia Banks rapping over this too. Oh god, do you think Azealia is going to cover every single dance song going, like an epic worldwide rap version of playground game  stuck-in-the-mud. Check this out:

And here's the Azealia Banks version of Pineapple Crush. I found it this morning via 1883 magazine. The song is called Liquorice, which is no doubt something to do with sex and race and other hip things that I don't understand. Azealia's quite lax about the N word on this one too. Is she repossessing a hate word, turning it into a good thing, or does she just want to sound like other rappers? Tina Fey wouldn't be impressed:

I'm not sure if I like the Liquorice video that much? Clearly it cost a lot more money than the 212 video, but it achieves less. 212 has a raw, cheeky simplicity. Azealia's personality comes across on 212, there's almost a sense of "Look Mum! I'm on the telly!", and it's wrapped in a certain monolithic chic that makes it stand out.

This new video for Liquorice is big budget, visually demanding and in parts boring. Azealia's cheekiness is more of a glowing ember lost amongst Brokeback Mountain panorama and loose linen. Elements of it are really fun, like when she stands on this horse-mounting box brandishing a baseball bat:

But what on earth is Azealia doing here. It looks like Katy Brand doing a parody of Kelly Rowland doing a life insurance advert:

Azealia's rapping is a little bit jibberish too, It has an improv kind of MC vibe to it, which is fine, but I quite like rappers who tell a bit more of a story. I much prefer her track 1991 and wish that was a fully-fledged single with a video.

Azealia Banks is being marketed as a pop star but she's more like a trainee rapper writing her name across the top of other peoples' homework. I've no problem with this. It's cool that she can slide these dance tracks under the door - and at a time when pop music is thoroughly boring, and we're talking mega boring. Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are pumping out indistinguishable records. Tonnes of urban artists have turned to making shit mainstream dance. Gay bars in London are shamelessly playing laughably crap records by One Direction and Bruno Mars. So in that sense Azealia Banks is a more-than-welcome Trojan horse.

Azealia is young, she has an interesting personality, her Twitter feed is bonkers, she's on the pulse and she makes for compulsive viewing. It would be great if she covered a dance track fortnightly from now until death. She'd be able to rack up 50 hits in just two years! Nobody in clubs listen to the lyrics anyway, she could just use the same rap like a signature dish.

Moving away from chart music, and diving back into the depths of YouTube. I'm obssessed with this song and video. I can't even work out what it's called. Egyptrixx:

And, isn't this just the scariest music video ever. Seriously, watch it in the dark on full screen and wait to be terrified:

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