Why does Twitter's homepage have three blokes playing cricket?

Just a quick blog post to say that I don't get this photograph on Twitter's homepage. It shows three boys in mismatched clothes playing cricket on a stretch of barren wasteland with what looks like an Indian temple in the background. Near a mountain range, at sunset.

Possibly the most removed situation imaginable from the world of Twitter, apart from perhaps a photograph of a naked nomadic tribe roasting tropical frogs in the jungle.

Like, I get it - Twitter is a window into other worlds, the whole world is connected, we're all one global village etc etc.

But you're hardly going to Tweet if you're an Indian bloke knocking a cricket ball around with a few mates one evening. Or would you?

The Twitter homepage should have something that touches all the bases of its heart, so Fashion, Opinion, Attention, Misery, Observation, Desperation, Deception, Stubble, Fabulousness.

Something like this -

Image source: "Front Row People" by The Pet Fanclub

If those Indian boys are on Twitter then I apologise and I will happily check out their feed.

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  1. I agree. I think its ridiculous.

  2. It's the Taj Mahal, not "some indian temple". Loads of people in India and other developing countries have Twitter. There was even a guy in Pakistan who was live tweeting when Bin Ladin's compound was being raided. You dumb as f**ck.

  3. Thanks for your comment Ashley. That explains then why perhaps Twitter chose this photo. I still imagine the area depicted is a lot less Twitter-centric than many places.

    And I'm glad to see I was correct then in thinking that it was some Indian temple.

    JC xx

  4. That's not Taj Mahal! There are no mountains near Agra, where Taj Mahal is located. That's some mosque based on the structure. It could be Northern India or Pakistan.

  5. It isn't the Taj Mahal for sure, apparently it is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman: http://techblog.willshouse.com/2012/09/19/twitter-cricket-sign-in-page/