VICE party for "The British Wrestler" series

Bethnal Green Working Mens Club was turned into a pop-up fight club last Wednesday with a theatrical wrestling contest and free cider tokens for us press folk as VICE officially launched their new series The British Wrestler.

The new series gives a fascinating insight into the world of British wrestling and some of the challenges faced by Britain's wrestling community today, through the eyes of its biggest fanatics. You can watch the first eight minute episode here. It's interesting to observe the multi-layering of homosocial hero worship, a complete immersion in masculinity and guised homosexual desires that reside within the wrestling community.

BGWMC is a great venue with its old carpets and wood-panelling that someone described as "paedo's retreat chic" (?!). They run a gay night periodically, if you've not been there before then maybe follow them on Facebook for a while, there's bound to be something fun coming up soon. This is the link you need...

Down the road from there you have The Star of Bethnal Green too, a fun gay-friendly bar that is also home to the incredible gay night Shake Your Dicks.


In other news, Nicki Minaj & Cassie...

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