Jamie McDermott interviewed for The Agenda podcast!

On Monday I met The Irrepressibles’ lead singer and creative director Jamie McDermott. He joined Sham (the Welsh one) and I in Soho for the recording of our latest podcast episode in which we also discussed gay-to-straight conversion therapy as well as mulling over the results of The Independent on Sunday’s recently published Pink List 2012 (their list of the 101 most influential living LGBT figures in Britain).

The interview with Jamie occupies the first half of the podcast, we discuss his childhood in Scarborough, the processes and concepts behind his band The Irrepressibles, his own coming out experiences and his talent for persuading hot boys to strip and wrestle for him on camera…

Listen to the episode on SoundCloud now:

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Here are the two homoerotic music videos that we mention in the episode above:



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