G-A-Y Late is the place to go on a Sunday night in gay London. Members only, tourists and newbies must be signed in by a member or join a queue to enrol (only a couple of quid and doesn't take that long).

First things first. a hazy view of Centre Point and the cross rail site from the queue:

I own all of these snaps, so feel free to save or share them etc. We're only on this planet for a few years, I've  got better things to do than get uptight over photos. However, if one is of you and you want it taken down just let me know and I'll get the spray paint out. Right, let's go:

A glamourous female reveller clutches a fresh round of drinks:

Tranny superstar, fashion icon and DJ extraordinaire Lady Lloyd arrives, having wrapped up her Sunday night residency at KU Klub on Lisle Street:

Lady Lloyd and friend:

Another familiar face from the tranny star circuit in London, it's party girl Silva and journo pal Dylan B Jones:


 Taking on the never ending thirst of London's gay community, it's Eduardo pulling the pumps behind the bar:

Lady Lloyd with another man:

And again:

Australian hardcore clubber Shaun takes to the dancefloor, sending Christmas jumpers flying:

Dancing the night away:

Waiting for answers that might never come. Note Lloyd looking suspicious in background:

In case you forget:

Surprisingly stylish:

If the toilets in G-A-Y Late had FourSquare,Lady Lloyd would be the lady mayor:


Silva storming out of the bogs:

Jessie J gives it her all via the medium of ten plasma screens:

A boy celebrates his 21st birthday. Or is it a ploy for free drinks? We'll never know:

The podium beings to fill itself slowly:

Vanity Von Glow arrives, having wrapped up her Sunday night residency at Green Carnation:


This girl was cool:

January means nothing to some:


Cramping his lesbian friend's style:

Boys on the back bench:

Dancing on the seats isn't allowed so you have a maximum of fifteen seconds to make your point:


Ooh Silva:

 Looking for Dalston:

Smoking area cuties:

They were Columbian:

Another member of the Late team:

Lloyd and Vanity conspire:

More Starships:

A splash of East London:

And a splash of Lloyd's drink:

Vanity marks out her patch:

Sexy guy in green t-shirt:

Downton Abbey chic:

 Notice hot boy alone on bench:

And you've missed your chance:


And the kissing begins:

Topless barman Deano, a G-A-Y Late favourite and collector of novelty belts:


Sunglasses always work:

But his eyes were amazing, so we made him pose again with whoever:

Cute flankers:

Lloyd still at it:

Taking a breather:

Rita Ora:

Celesbians clutching wine:

Gangham Style:


Taking a disco nap:

Vanity re-emerges out of drag, aka, sexy scenester Thom Glow:

Lloyd collects her thoughts:

Imagining this one without the jeans:

Cool girl's back for more:

Straight possibly?

Shaun caught in a moment:

Discussing Obama:

Are they fruit machine technicians or?

Love is in the air:

Lloyd makes a toast:


Dylan B Jones and Thom Glow:


Thom takes a lick:

MARY. Bathroom attendant Mary is an institution in herself and has a sizeable cult following in the London gay community. She really should write her memoirs:


Table football bag lady:

Mary's range of products:

Cute straight boy. There's always one:

Closing minutes:

Time to move in for the kill:

Silva plans her finale:

Gaga gives it one more attempt:

Lucy. That astonishingly rare thing of a friendly, intelligent and very reasonable bouncer:

Lucy's called outside. There's some drama:

"Take a photo of him so we can remember his face, he's barred" said the other bouncer, pointing at this striped blazer mess:

Closing time:

Farewell kisses:

Polite handshakes:

The End.

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