Does The Shard Rock? And Could It All Come Tumbling Down?

Tonight it's bloody windy and outside TV masts and tarpaulin are flapping in circling shrieks of wind. Behind this chaos I can see The Shard on the other side of the river, and I wondered... Does it rock?

I've been up Centre Point a few times to get various documents stamped, and it sways ever so slightly.

The Shard is much taller, but it's also much newer. I Googled "Does The Shard Rock?" and it took me a while to find any useful information.

Then I found one article on a blog called Arstechnica which told me that yes, The Shard can rock up to 20 inches in high winds. It also seemed to suggest that in very, very strong "1 in 50 years" wind, The Shard could be in danger...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the article seems to be telling me that the kind of strong winds experienced in other parts of the world would be enough to cause serious problems, but because The Shard is in England it's fine because such winds are never experienced here.

But can't weather patterns change, and, aren't we living in a time of major climate change?

Wind or no wind, I still don't understand millionaires who enjoy living in what is effectively the middle of the sky. I'd sooner take a country mansion with a weeded-over lake any day. I suppose these sorts of people have it all though don't they.

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