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Just a quick blog post to compile everything that's happened in the last three weeks. It's been hectic what with the BFI's gay film festival, music video shoots, interviews and all sorts of other exciting encounters.

Tomorrow I have a new piece coming out in the Guardian, so that should be cool. As ever, there are bound to be some negative comments "below the line", so I look forward to looking at those with a mug of tea and chocolate Hobnob. It's only a fun little piece though.

Above is a photo of me with Eliza Guroya from yesterday's counter-protest in Trafalgar Square. (one of the few photos where she doesn't have her tits out).

You can read about the protest on my TETU blog, including a scoop on the Hottest Homophobe and the Most Fabulous Homophobe:

I'm thrilled to have received over 200 Facebook shares on that piece in less than a day.


So the BFI's gay film festival finished yesterday. A fun ten days of drinking white wine on the Southbank flirting with volunteers and trying to look busy in the press delegates lounge while also taking in some good gay cinema too. This time round I worked on quite a bit of coverage for various titles so was given my own all-access pass (didn't include access to that boy on the coat check though).

The two stand out events for me were an archive screening of The Servant and Ben Walters' night called BURN which was a celebration of the online cabaret scene today. I wrote up both for So So Gay:



Another highlight of the gay film festival was hanging out with young actor Gaetan Vettier, star of Antony Hickling's controversial new short film "Little Gay Boy ChrisT Is Dead" :

Gaetan got in touch via his publicist to say that he would be over from Paris for the today, and would I like to go to the screening of the film as his guest. I met another cast member Amanda Dawson, and also the director himself Antony Hickling.

I'll send a write-up to TETU soon, all about our adventures in the BFI building.

I was pleased to interview Gaetan (his first ever interview in fact!) for GT earlier on this month. That's why he got in touch in the first place you see. The piece is called Blood, Sweat and Twinks:

It was pretty cool messing around with Gaetan in the BFI cafe while there was publicity material from the film everywhere showing him like this. People were looking at him like "Is that, oh my, yes that is.."


One of the most disturbing experiences for me this month was to watch Pasolini's 1975 film Salo on the big screen for the first time. I don't know if you've seen the film, I'd love to know what you made of it.

I wrote this piece about Salo for So So Gay:


Even though my review was quite negative, I had to admit the film made a real impression on me and I've revised my views somewhat since. Definitely a powerful piece of cinema. Still, I'll stick by my guns - it was a bit boring in parts too.


The boys of Twitter went mad for this one!

A particularly sexy highlight for me this month was interviewing up-and-coming actor Arron Simmonds for Gay Times. The guy is openly gay and he looks like this:

You can read my interview with Arron online. He discusses his passion for prawn cocktail crisps and boys in just socks:

INTERVIEW: Chilling on the Sofa with Arron Simmonds

I was a little saddened to see some negative feedback on Twitter saying that we were only interviewing Arron because he's hot. Like, NO SHIT, he's good looking, and you're only fooling yourself if you think sex appeal and Hollywood and just performing arts in general haven't always been completely entwined. But aside from that, Arron is a good actor - so back off!

I also got a bit pissed off with "Why do you have to mention the fact that he's gay?" type people. Er - because the film industry is still stuffed with selfish multi-millionaire closet cases? Being openly gay, for now, is still news sometimes, and certainly worthy of paying attention to and celebrating. That's what gay media is there for partly.

I still have some BFI film festival write-ups to do, one for a film I saw called FOUR, and also a review of the gay short films programme that took place over the weekend. So keep an eye out for that!

I've also interviewed some bigger actors, but that stuff won't be published until summer and I'm not allowed to discuss that online yet. Here's a clue:


One of the most fun journo gigs this month had to be going backstage for Barbara Bush's latest cheeky electro single called Spank:

Luckily my friend Tom (also known as Vanity Von Glow) was also there, playing one of the backing dancers in the video. I gave Barbara a write up in Gay Times that she was over-the-moon with, called Barbara Bush Is Back Bitches!

This weekend it's Barbara's 30th birthday party. If I can escape lunch with my family up in the midlands in time then I'll definitely be going to that, in drag possibly.

You need to watch the video for Spank, it's relentlessly kitsch and made on a one millionth of Rita Ora's typical video budget:


Still obsessed.

It was Sky Ferreira's first trip over to London a fortnight ago. We went down to XOYO in East London to see her show. Here's my review of that. (I've still had no digital proof that she's seen the review, she's probably too cool to read her own press though)

If you want to stop reading my blog and just play this song on repeat for the rest of today, I understand:


Pronounced "titch"

My friend Bob took me along to Universal Music's HQ to take a look at new pop starlette Tich. I wrote about her for So So Gay here: Introducing... Tich - She's very Cher Lloyd, very Little Mix, very Taylor Swift, so bang on the money basically. If she gets her album out in time.


Then of course there was student pride, so we all went to Brighton and got smashed, while taking in the occasional debate of course. It always feels like a family day out at Student Pride. Everyone knows everyone and "VIP" translates to "All those media gays you see week in week out".

Here's my Gay Times write-up of Student Pride 2013, called Student Pride Uncut. [WARNING: Hot photo of Ben Cohen alert]


While in Brighton a friend gave me a copy of Michael Kirwan's new book called Just So Horny:

His paintings aren't for everyone (give him a Google Image spin) but there's something I find really sexy and compelling about his work. And so it became the basis for my Gay Times discussion-type feature called "When will art be ready for erections again?"


I've only been to see one play this month, called "A Thousand Miles Between Us", but it was wonderful. All about the lives of New York artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, and their professional relationships with Andy Warhol.

I gave the play a lot of praise:

Planet Warhol Comes To Peckham

... I'm still waiting for Simon Ginty to ask me out on a date.


I have some exciting sex features in the pipeline, but one thing related to March, is that I've been having talks with Cocky Boys about working on some interviews and features soon...


It's been a bit of a Paris month for me too...

I helped Paris on her latest photo shoot with photographer Ryan Harding, my friend Dylan and LGBT activist Dan Bunker. It was for her new Radio 1 documentary. Here's my preview piece for that:

Radio 1's First Transgender Presenter


I was lucky enough to interview the wonderful novelist Manil Suri for a future issue of Gay Times. His new novel The City of Devi is smashing and on schedule to be this year's "big gay novel" :


Aside from all of these projects, it's been a fun month for going out in London too. Last night I was at GAY BINGO, the fantastic brainchild of Jonny Woo, John Sizzle and Ma Butcher, currently hosted at Soho Theatre.

I've also enjoyed a few tranny Sundays with the other Soho crowd - Vanity Von Glow, Lady Lloyd, Silver Summers, Mr Mistress, Miss Cairo and Baga Chipz.

We've had various friends visit the city from France, Belgium, Germany and the North of England. So we've been out for some nice meals out and Thames walks.


It would be rude to name any of my own March ventures here, but I do have some hot new French boys lined up for my TETU blog, so look out for those. One looks like this:

And one looks like this:

That's all you're getting for now!

So there we are. I think I've covered most of it. Sorry for the shambolic blog post! Time to start chopping onions and getting some dinner prepared.


But while the kettle is boiling for the pan water, some brief March thanks:

Brian Robinson and Paul Smith at the BFI
Caspar Aremi at So So Gay
Louis Delafon at TETU
Darren Scott and Paris Lees at Gay Times
Dylan B Jones at 1883
Andy Butcher
Matthew Allen
The Student Pride team
Manuel Fernandes

JC xx


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